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Be the first to know more about our latest developments in the rare diseases field. Here you will find all the latest news about our tool, its development, and relevant information about rare diseases and the people involved in them.


Autism Spectrum Disorders: Definition and top 150+ rare diseases related to them.

This time we focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders and highlight the top 150 rare diseases related to them as part of our commitment to improving the diagnostic odyssey for those affected by rare diseases .

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Why we do what we do?

At Mendelian, we build tools to help doctors find rare disease patients faster and diagnose them earlier. Learn what are key facts most people miss about rare diseases, and how we take care of them to improve the lives of rare disease patients.

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We are in the 10 innovators selected for the HealthTech Innovation of the Year

HealthTech Innovation Challenge will once again bring startups, life sciences companies, and healthcare organizations together to tackle world’s biggest health issues, and we have been selected as one of the top 10 finalists.

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Eastern AHSN and Mendelian working together to help to help identify undiagnosed patients

Our new tool is being established in the East of England to help identify undiagnosed patients across a broad spectrum of rare diseases, getting them the treatment they need sooner.

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Technology that is changing the face of first line healthcare

As different technologies unite to transform the way things are done, from mobile technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and other emerging technologies in healthcare, this post explores six human health and medicine evolution examples that are…

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Mendelian at Mayor of London’s TechInvest

We will be attending TechInvest 6: Health Tech, the next event in the Mayor of London’s TechInvest programme focused on entrepreneurs using data-driven and digital technologies to revolutionise health and care across London.

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Empowering doctors in rare disease diagnosis

Learn what is our technological ‘endgame’, and why our tools easen the pain in rare disease diagnosis. Discover why we are certainly just scratching the surface of what technology can do to accelerate any diagnosis.

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Mendelian receives over €570k for its rare disease diagnostics by Innovate UK

We have been granted over €570k from Innovate UK to build our solutions that will assist GPs in identifying NHS patients with rare or hard to diagnose conditions and diseases.

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The Cost of Undiagnosed rare diseases

Mendelian-commissioned report reveals that while undiagnosed, rare disease patients have cost the NHS in excess of £3.4 billion

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The Role of the GP in Rare Disease Diagnosis and Care

With the average time it takes to receive a rare disease diagnosis currently over 5.6 years the role of Primary Healthcare professionals in the rare disease diagnostic journey is vital

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Rare diseases 101 - Systemic Amyloidosis

Amyloidosis is a rare disease, caused when certain proteins misfold causing abnormal deposition and accumulation of amyloid fibrils in the tissue, systems and organs of the body. It may be systemic or localised.

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We are part of Start Alliance Berlin Digital Health

We have been chosen to be part of Start Alliance Berlin Digital Health. Everything is settled and we are looking forward to joining the program. This will be two exciting weeks, with a final Demo Day on November 22nd!

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Mendelian at Pitch@Palace

42 Entrepreneurs delivered a 3 minute Pitch to an Audience of Supporters and Elevators. 12 Entrepreneurs were selected for a 3 minute Pitch and the remaining Entrepreneurs will Pitch for 30 seconds at Buckingham Palace on 8 November, 2018. We have…

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We are part of KQ Labs

We have been chosen to be part of KQ Labs. KQ Labs is an intensive accelerator programme offered to high growth potential startup teams in the area of data-driven biomedical science.

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Orphan Drugs – Meeting Global Unmet Health Needs

Developing cures for rare diseases is fraught with immense challenges for pharmaceutical companies committed to curing rare. Here we give a brief overview of this industry.

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Mendelian at The rare disease challenge meeting

We will be part of RxRE 2018, an innovative two-day event in London organised by Pfizer, to help improve the lives of people with rare diseases and accelerate the time it takes for them to get an accurate diagnosis.

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Rare Diseases 101 – Fabry Disease

We have compiled the latest information about Frabys Disease symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, related organizations, and many more for our disease education blog series.

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Why Diagnosis Matter

Living with an unnamed or undiagnosed condition can be daunting. Learn how to get the right diagnosis using the most up to date tools available.

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Difficulties of Rare Disease Diagnosis

Learn why getting the correct diagnosis is often the first major hurdle to tackle in the Diagnosis Odyssey, and discover why as many as 1 in 17 (7%) people are affected by a rare or orphan diseases at some stage in their lives.

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Tips for undiagnosed rare disease patients

Whether you or your child are suffering from a rare or undiagnosed condition, there are always options to explore. We’ve come up with a few to tips to help ease your worry and get you closer to the truth about your health.

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