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Mendelian technology is the result of applying AI in the field of Rare Diseases. Our cloud-based technology is tailored to the needs of doctors, researchers, and patients looking for the best tools to get the right diagnosis with speed and accuracy.

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Our Solutions for Rare Diseases

For doctors and labs: MendelApp

The most advanced search tool to find links between phenotypes and genotypes.
syndrome finder tool

MendelApp is a tool reserved for Health Professionals looking to find answers for their most difficult clinical cases. Using state-of-the-art data science techniques and up-to-date curated sources. MendelApp helps doctors find the missing links between their patient's clinical description and their the causative genes and diseases.

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For Patients: MendelTest

Easy Genetic testing service for Rare Diseases
Genetic testing for rare diseases and syndromes

Living with an undiagnosed condition is hard. MendelTest is a fast, friendly and accurate way to help find answers. We offer diagnosis service with at-home genetic tests, clinical consultations with expert geneticists / counsellors via phone, access to the latest trials and more to put an end to the diagnostic odyssey.

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For Health Providers: MendelScreen

Large scale screening of EMRs to spot undiagnosed cases earlier
Hospital and clinics rare diseases screening monitor

MendelScreen is a tool to scan large sets of medical records and recognise patterns of early, hidden or subclinical signs of rare diseases. By extracting phenotypic information from EMRs, MendelScreen flags patients which warrant further investigation so that caregivers can provide the next best clinical steps - tests or treatments

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With over 30,000 unique users from 133 countries since launch, we are proud to partner with world renowned institutions using Mendelian tools everyday.

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Mendelian: search, diagnosis and care in Rare Diseases

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Search, diagnosis and care in Rare Diseases