Mendelian is dedicated to helping doctors find undiagnosed patients early.

Our mission

We focus on rare and hard to diagnose diseases which affect 1 in 17 people worldwide. Rare diseases can present with a range of complex, disconnected symptoms over the course of a lifetime. This makes them difficult to diagnose, and costly for families, doctors and healthcare providers.

At Mendelian, we’re helping to end the diagnostic odyssey by bringing timely patient insights to primary care. We’re building a future where every patient population can expect the right treatment, from the right specialist, at the right time.

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Clinician-led approach

We have worked to understand the daily workflow within medical practices to ensure our tools are easy to use and act on. We strive to make practices more efficient in service of patients and never add to their burden.

Every MendelScan report is backed by decades of clinical experience. Our clinician-led approach has laid the foundation for collaborations with internationally renowned rare disease experts, including Prof. Phil Beales, Dr. Robin Lachmann and Dr. Derralynn Hughes.

Prof. Phil Beales
Dr. Robin Lachmann
Dr. Derralynn Hughes

Evidence based digital health

MendelScan is our expert-guided platform for disease discovery. Over the years, we’ve encoded case finding criteria for hard-to-diagnose diseases into MendelScan’s digital library, ready to apply to any medical record system. Our clinician-driven digital solutions are deployed within the NHS, the largest national healthcare system in the world.

Patient groups

We create ethical solutions that put patients first. Our relationships with patient groups, informs all that we do and ensures we stay connected to patient challenges, needs, and values.

This rare disease diagnostic odyssey is expensive for the health care system and prevents timely access to treatments. Every European Union country has a Rare Disease plan

Chief Medical Officer’s Report 2016: Generation Genome

Mendelian fits into the NHS Long Term Plan and UK Strategy for Rare Diseases

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The Mendelian team

Rudy Benfredj

Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

Fran Garcia

Executive Chairman, Co-founder

Dr Ignacio Hernandez Medrano

Clinical Advisor, Co-Founder

Dr Will Evans

Clinical Lead

Dr Orlando Buendia

Clinical Operations

Dr Peter Fish

Clinical Partnerships

Nicolas Aussel

Research Associate

Renate Apse

Project Assistant

Tim Halford

Software Engineer

Holly Ward

Head of Operations

Raid Sulaiman

Software Engineer

Sneha Shankar

Health Economist

Dan Chicheportiche

Data Scientist

James Graveston

Head of Strategy
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