Thyroid Cancer, Nonmedullary, 3; Nmtc3


Nonmedullary thyroid cancer (NMTC) comprises thyroid cancers of follicular cell origin and accounts for more than 95% of all thyroid cancer cases. The remaining cancers originate from parafollicular cells (medullary thyroid cancer, MTC; {155240}). NMTC is classified into 4 groups: papillary, follicular, Hurthle cell (OMIM ), and anaplastic. Approximately 5% of NMTC is hereditary, occurring as a minor component of a familial cancer syndrome (e.g., familial adenomatous polyposis {175100}, Carney complex {160980}) or as a primary feature (familial NMTC or FNMTC). Papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) is the most common histologic subtype of FNMTC, accounting for approximately 85% of cases (summary by Vriens et al., 2009).For a general phenotypic description and a discussion of genetic heterogeneity of NMTC, see NMTC1 (OMIM ).

Clinical Features

Phenotypes and symptoms related to Thyroid Cancer, Nonmedullary, 3; Nmtc3

  • Neoplasm
  • Medullary thyroid carcinoma
  • Non-medullary thyroid carcinoma

Incidence and onset information

— Currently we don't have prevalence information about this disease (Not enough data available about incidence and published cases.)
No data available about the known clinical features onset.

Alternative names

Thyroid Cancer, Nonmedullary, 3; Nmtc3 Is also known as thyroid cancer, nonmedullary, 1, formerly, nmtc1, formerly.

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