Polydactyly, Postaxial, Type A7; Papa7


PAPA7 is characterized by postaxial polydactyly restricted to the feet, with well-developed nails present on the extra digits and attachment of both the fifth and sixth toes to a broad 2-headed fifth metatarsal (Umair et al., 2017).For a discussion of genetic heterogeneity of postaxial polydactyly, see {174200}.

Clinical Features

Phenotypes and symptoms related to Polydactyly, Postaxial, Type A7; Papa7

  • Syndactyly
  • Polydactyly
  • Postaxial polydactyly
  • Cutaneous syndactyly
  • Cubitus varus

Incidence and onset information

— Currently we don't have prevalence information about this disease (Not enough data available about incidence and published cases.)
No data available about the known clinical features onset.

Researches and researchers

Currently, we don't have any information about doctors, researches or researchers related to this disease. Please contact us if you would like to appear here.

Polydactyly, Postaxial, Type A7; Papa7 Recommended genes panels

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OMIM Genetic Syndrome Finder

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