Myopia 2, Autosomal Dominant; Myp2


Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a refractive error of the eye. Light rays from a distant object are focused in front of the retina and those from a near object are focused in the retina; therefore distant objects are blurry and near objects are clear (summary by Kaiser et al., 2004). Genetic Heterogeneity of Susceptibility to MyopiaMYP2 maps to chromosome 18p. Other myopia loci include MYP1 (OMIM ) on Xq28; MYP3 (OMIM ) on 12q21-q23; MYP5 (OMIM ) on 17q21-q22; MYP6 (OMIM ), caused by mutation in the SCO2 gene (OMIM ) on 22q13; MYP7 (OMIM ) on 11p13; MYP8 (OMIM ) on 3q26; MYP9 (OMIM ) on 4q12; MYP10 (OMIM ) on 8p23; MYP11 (OMIM ) on 4q22-q27; MYP12 (OMIM ) on 2q37.1; MYP13 (OMIM ) on Xq23-q27; MYP14 (OMIM ) on 1p36; MYP15 (OMIM ) on 10q21.1; MYP16 (OMIM ) on 5p15.33-p15.2; MYP17 (formerly MYP4) (OMIM ) on 7p15; MYP18 (OMIM ) on chromosome 14q22-q24; MYP19 (OMIM ) on 5p15.1-p13.3; MYP20 (OMIM ) on 13q12.12; MYP21 (OMIM ), caused by mutation in the ZNF644 gene (OMIM ) on 1p22; MYP22 (OMIM ), caused by mutation in the CCDC111 gene (OMIM ) on 4q35; MYP23 (OMIM ), caused by mutation in the LRPAP1 gene (OMIM ) on 4p16; MYP24 (OMIM ), caused by mutation in the SLC39A5 gene (OMIM ) on 12q13; MYP25 (OMIM ), caused by mutation in the P4HA2 gene (OMIM ) on 5q31; and MYP26 (OMIM ), caused by mutation in the ARR3 gene (OMIM ) on Xq13.

Clinical Features

Phenotypes and symptoms related to Myopia 2, Autosomal Dominant; Myp2

  • Cataract
  • Myopia
  • Glaucoma
  • Abnormality of the nervous system
  • Retinal detachment
  • High myopia
  • Macular degeneration

Incidence and onset information

— Currently we don't have prevalence information about this disease (Not enough data available about incidence and published cases.)
No data available about the known clinical features onset.

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OMIM MESH Rare Disease Symptoms Checker

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