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1. Enter your signs and symptoms

You enter patient's clinical details on our online form.

2. Counsellor Call

We set up a call with our certified genetic counsellors to review your info and agree on next steps

3. Collect Sample

We arrange hassle free sample collection (saliva) in the comfort of your home.

4. Results

Get your results delivered and clearly explained to you by our clinical geneticists.

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What is Included with the test?

Genetic counselling

Genetic Counselling

By taking the test you get access to a complimentary board-certified genetic counsellor who can answer your questions and prepare you upfront.

get experts feedback for your disease

Geneticists and expert clinicians involved

All Mendelian genetic tests are reviewed by certified medical professionals to ensure that your results are as accurate as possible and delivered to you in the right way.

Get personalizer medical reports in every step

Personal Clinical Report

All our findings are delivered on a clear and readable clinical report you will always have access to and may decide to share with other health professionals.

Fully updated

Up to Date Results

Rare disease knowledge constantly evolved. We’re re-analysing your results as new research comes up and may find something relevant months after initial results.

Get access to rare disease advocate groups

Link with Patient support groups

Get in touch with other patients and share common and relevant experiences.

access to rare diseases trials

Clinical Trials and Therapy Monitor COMING SOON

We keep and eye on leading research and development in Rare Disease. Get notified when new clinical trials or treatment are available to you.

Are you a doctor?

Your patients depend on you for your advice and answers. We help you offer meaningful genetic services and support your practice along the way.

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Who is using Mendelian?

Mendelian technology is used by world's leading institutions

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